Steel Design Model

Load Criteria

  • Snow Loads - Resource from ATC to calculate the ground snow loads for any location using ASCE 7-10
  • Wind Speeds - Resource from ATC to calculate the wind speeds for any location using ASCE 7-10
  • Seismic Criteria - Seismic Design Criteria from USGS for either IBC 2012 or 2015.  User can input soil classification, location, and risk category and get location specific data including Ss, S1, SDs and SD1.  The detailed report also includes the Seismic Design Category.

Structural Steel Connection

Steel Resources

  • AISC Shape Properties - Steel Detailing tool from AISC is a quick reference for all structural steel shapes.  
  • AISC Steel Tools - Database of user submitted calculations and spreadsheets.
  • Structural Welding Quality Handbook - Published by SSTC, this handbook is easy to flip through and has loads of useful information on welding and AWS D1.1 references.
  • Structural Bolting Handbook - Published by SSTC, this handbook provides information on bolting and references AISC and RCSC.
  • Design of Welded Structures - This timeless reference book by Omer Blodgett should be in the library of any engineering designing welds and is a fantastic resource for analysis techniques for complex weldments. 
  • Handbook of Structural Steel Connection Design and Details - One of the few books on steel connection design, and includes a good mix of theory and practical considerations for designing steel connections.   
  • Steel Structures Design - This textbook by Allan Williams is great for a practicing engineer as well as a great reference for the PE or SE Exams.
  • AISC Design Guides - AISC has published 30+ design guides on various steel engineering and construction topics that are a must-have for any engineer doing a lot of structural steel design.

Structural Steel Industry Links

AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction

AWS - American Welding Society

Modern Steel - Modern Steel Construction Magazine

NISD - National Institute of Steel Detailing

RCSC - Research Council on Structural Connections

SDI - Steel Deck Institute

SEAA - Steel Erectors Association of America

SJI - Steel Joist Institute

SSRC - Structural Stability Research Council

STI - Steel Tube Institute