Stair with Intermediate Landing


Stair and Miscellaneous Steel Design

We design steel stairs of all sorts and provide a professionally engineered report with calculations for your approval submittals.  Stair design includes handrails and posts, stringers, headers, treads, pan beams, landings, posts and bracing.  Custom components such as removable handrail, safety chain attachments and gates can also be provided.

Coordination with the miscellaneous steel fabricator is essential to provide economical designs and superb performance of steel stairs.  Our team utilizes 3-D modeling on complicated stairs to check the structural strength of the stair and ensure that stair deflections are within code tolerances.  Our designs will help keep the "bounce" out of your stairs.  

Whether you have a monumental stair with cantilevers, a typical steel channel framed stair or exterior stair platform with grating, we can provide a high quality engineered design and report for your project. 

Other items that we provide include: free-standing platforms, stair towers, ladders and more. 

Monumental Stairs

HSS Stringers at Monumental Stair

Exterior Steel Stairs

Typical Exterior Steel Stair

Interior Steel Stairs

Typical Interior Stair